jeremy whitwam, craig schmidt, andy leroy, charlie don't surf, charlie don't shake, charlie dont surf, charliedontshake, charliedontsurf, please don't name your band charlie don't surf, its not very original, and yes that includes you guys in detroit, and in ann arbor, rexrode records, rexeroderecords, rexrode, the south, desoud, detroit pistons, I'd best start running now Cause you said all along, you'd be there if I called You never said your phone was disconnected 21 carbs the planning lady marty shea ian bonner steve schmidt peter devins chris muffet There's no innocence about you I see through your lies It all comes down to the fact you keep denying That my shoes won't do at the clubs you like Maybe I'll go down get my jones at the blanks house baby Better load your weapon 'cause you won't see me coming We got to find a way to get together baby Did you ever stop to think of all the times Dance party in your bathroom Dance party in your mouth julie where'd you get your money where'd you get your pieces your pieces of gold julie money where did you get your money from aragon blues This is it, I'm at the end Years of righteous living can't help me now The word about town is my makers come looking for me used to live a life of sin But for the past several years now I turned it around Made a deal with the devil he decided that its time to collect Tell me all my good behaviors not in vain If after all these years you don't feel a little flutter in your heart for me Go ahead and cast me down to where the juke joints rock all night We got to find a way to get together baby You're a siren in the middle of the night We got to find a way to get together baby And watch the darkness blow a gentle kiss to light Where can I find a girl like you Where can I find a girl like you I need your help to find another lover Girl it's a sign of the times that your body and your mind Can align and unwind on the dance floor It's a theory thats maligned but it can't be denied So lets shake it till we can't move no more

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You have stumbled upon the online home of Charlie Don't Shake. We make vibrant, colorful music that doesn't come out in the wash.

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